Cutting Edge® Brown Mulch is a popular choice for garden beds, adding visual interest to landscapes. Our Brown Mulch can reduce weed growth and retain moisture, improving the fertility and health of the soil, and adding nutrients over time. It can maintain a more even temperature of the soil and can prevent water evaporation, so that plants can receive prolonged distribution of water. Our Brown Mulch can reduce erosion, soil compaction and hardening of surface soil, so that there is improved water absorption and movement. It can be perfect for commercial and residential use. Our unique UV and water-resistant, non-slip packaging can provide extra protection for outdoor storage for use year after year.

Available In 2 Cu. Ft. Bags!

  • Popular Choice For Mulch – Adds Visual Interest to Landscapes
  • Can Reduce Weed Growth
  • Can Retain Moisture
  • Can Prevent Water Evaporation from Soil
  • Can Maintain a More Even Temperature for Plants
  • Can Reduce Erosion
  • Improves Fertility And Health of The Soil
  • Adds Nutrients Over Time
  • Can Reduce Soil Compaction
  • Can Reduce Hardening of Surface Soil Improving Water Absorption and Movement
  • UV, Non-slip And Water Resistant Packaging Which Is More Resistant To Weather For Outdoor Storage