Can Grow Up to 48 Inch Deep Roots

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Deep roots promote drought tolerant lawns

Cutting Edge Grass Seed is designed to grow roots up to 48 inches deep.  This deep, groundwater-seeking root structure gives Cutting Edge Grass Seed more endurance during dry conditions.

The EPA estimates that, in the United States, landscape irrigation accounts for nearly one third of all residential water usage, totaling over 7 billion gallons per day.*  But an established, deep root system is one of the best ways to avoid constant watering and increase the chance of grass survivability.

Once Cutting Edge Grass Seed is fully germinated, you should stimulate additional root growth to achieve a healthy root system by giving your grass enough water to survive but not too much.  Less frequent, deeper watering encourages your roots to seek water. As drought occurs and the water table drops beneath the soil, the roots will seek groundwater in deeper soil containing more moisture.  Be sure to monitor the health of the grass as you train the roots to grow deep.

Click here for complete instructions on stimulating additional root growth.