Cutting Edge® Compost can enrich your soil with nutrients and organic matter. Our 3/8” screened compost, composed of composted leaves and other organic material, can dramatically improve drainage and soil aeration and can add essential elements needed for lawn and plant growth. Composted leaves can be rich in the trace elements that soil needs, and can contain a higher level of mineral content than manure. It also can be excellent at retaining moisture, reducing water evaporation, attracting desirable soil micro-organisms and maintaining a more even temperature of soil. Cutting Edge® Compost is perfect for commercial and residential use and can be used for gardens, flower pots and as a top dressing on lawns, as it can assist in seed germination. It can also be used in lieu of peat moss, mulch and straw for plantings. When used as mulch, our compost can reduce drought damage to plants and can reduce soil compaction. Our unique UV and water-resistant, non-slip packaging can provide extra protection for outdoor storage and can provide a nutrient-rich compost year after year.

Available In 1 Cu. Ft. Bags!

  • Screened At 3/8 Of An Inch
  • Can Be Used For Gardens, Flower Pots And Top Dressing On Lawns
  • Can Assist Seed Germination
  • Can Enhance Drainage And Aeration
  • Can Retain Moisture For Gardens And Flower Pots
  • Can Add Nutrients To Your Soil
  • Can Reduce Soil Compaction
  • Can Attract Desirable Soil Micro-organisms
  • Can Add Essential Elements Needed For Lawn and Plant Growth
  • Can Reduce Drought Damage To Lawns and Plants
  • Can Reduce Water Evaporation In Gardens and Flower Pots
  • Can Maintain A More Even Temperature For Plants
  • UV, Non-slip And Water Resistant Packaging Which Is More Resistant To Weather For Outdoor Storage