Cutting Edge® Grass Seed – Designed With Your Landscape in Mind

Cutting Edge® Grass Seed is a revolutionary patent-pending mix of Kentucky bluegrass and other top performing seed. Cutting Edge® Grass has unique characteristics that revolutionize the way grass seed and turf management is viewed today. As cost and sustainability in landscapes become increasingly relevant issues for professional grounds management in every industry, Cutting Edge® Grass Seed provides a solution that reduces your carbon footprint and helps reduce the cost and constant need for water, fertilizer, mowing and excessive chemicals, all while maintaining the lush, deep blue green turf you would expect from a world class, Cutting Edge® turf .

And…it’s all in one bag , there is no need to purchase several bags of seed for specialized application areas. Cutting Edge® Grass Seed provides all of the low maintenance characteristics you are looking for while maintaining the beauty and sustainability expected of prestigious institutions and professional turf environments.

Sustainable and Organic: Cutting Edge® Organic Seed Coating is the only OMRI® Listed, natural, organic seed coating on the market today. It includes a Hydration and Mycorrhiza PackageTM, which will better absorb water and retain moisture longer than uncoated seed, enabling quicker germination and, in many instances, reducing the frequency of watering during the germination process. The seed is also coated with Mycorrhiza, fungi that grow either inside the roots or on the root’s surface. The fungi send their hyphae (similar to small roots) into the surrounding soil, thus enhancing the grass’ ability to absorb nutrients and water and to filter out soil toxins.

Cutting Edge® Grass Seed has been tested and grown in many industries. Golf Courses, Sports Turf, Sod Farms, Municipalities, Landscape Architects and Developers, Colleges and Universities, Cemeteries.

Cutting Edge® Grass Seed – addressing the needs of commercial users like you! We listen to you at the trade shows; we listen to you and incorporate your feedback into our product as well as our educational materials. We have outlined the important feedback you have given us recently in the “Read More” section below  – your feedback is appreciated.

Cutting Edge® Grass Seed offers many more benefits: 

An established Cutting Edge® lawn can grow a deep, robust root system, with roots as deep as 48 inches. This deep root structure helps your lawn endure dry conditions.

Cutting Edge® Grass Seed was originally designed to grow in areas where other grass seed mixes are often unable to sustain growth. The hardy attributes of the Cutting Edge® revolutionary mix plus the added mycorrhiza characteristics of our new Cutting Edge® Organic Seed Coating make Cutting Edge® Grass Seed a superior choice for traditional soils as well as clay soil, rocky areas, slopes, sandy soils, areas affected by salt, and lawns adjacent to asphalt as well as many other hard to grow areas.

In addition, the rhizomatous nature of the Kentucky bluegrass in the mix provides for horizontal growth of roots and shoots, creating a knitting effect to promote durable, thick, self-repairing turf. Cutting Edge® is formulated to be able to self-repair golf course divots, dog urine spots, and high traffic areas (e.g., sports fields, municipal walkways, gateways to industrial, hotel/resort and sport complexes).  It aims to create a lawn that can recover quickly and establish a thick turf to maintain the beautiful turf expected of prestigious and professional landscape environments.

Cutting Edge® Grass Seed is endophyte-enhanced; it uses naturally occurring fungi to help repel insects, improve overall stress tolerance, and defend against certain diseases.

Cutting Edge® Grass Seed also tolerates higher salt environments compared to many other mixes.

Cutting Edge® Grass Seed is the best solution for most locations but especially for locations with a need to reduce water or herbicide consumption. Cutting Edge® Grass Seed is eco-friendly; an alternative to regular turf maintenance that addresses many environmental issues and can contribute to attaining LEED or SITES certification.

Cutting Edge® Grass Seed works equally well in sunny and shady areas. It is ideal for both the northern US and southern Canadian “Cool Season” zones, and for some parts of the mid-US “Transition” zone. Use of Cutting Edge® Grass Seed in the southern US “Warm Season” zone should be carefully limited to professionally-managed temporary winter greening of dormant C-4 grasses.

Cutting Edge® Grass Seed, a product of Sustainable Low Maintenance Grass, LLC, is dedicated to being on the leading edge of grass seed research and groundbreaking products for the environment. Bringing the very best in sustainable lawn products to the market is our mission.