Premium Kentucky bluegrass and other top-performing seed

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Kentucky Blue Grass

Cutting Edge Grass Seed is a low maintenance mix of Kentucky bluegrass and other top performing seed. Our mix works symbiotically so you can STOP constant watering, STOP constant fertilizing, and STOP constant mowing.  Cutting Edge Grass Seed is planted like any other cool season grass; the difference is in the beauty and performance once the lawn is established.

Over time, with each growing cycle, the Kentucky bluegrass within the Cutting Edge mix will tend to become the more dominant grass species.  Kentucky bluegrass produces one of the most desirable turf types because of its deep blue-green color and soft, dense texture.  It is what most people consider an ideal, beautiful lawn.  In addition to its attractive appearance, Kentucky bluegrass has another advantage over other grasses; it is rhizomatous.  Kentucky bluegrass rhizomes grow underneath the surface of the soil horizontally and then sprout up to form new blades.  This enables the grass to self-repair and fill-in bare spots.